Sand dunes, Irvine

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Sand dunes at Irvine beach, evening light. I have moved away from Bogside Flats to a new view, but not too far. This is just yards from there!

Alla prima painting, trying to put the paint on as quickly as I dare and leaving marks without over analysis of the marks themselves.


Isle of Mull III

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Isle of Mull II

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Isle of Mull I

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057 (3)

On a three day trip to Mull – weather was wet the whole time, but I got some blurry through windshield pictures I would love to experiment with in paint.


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The Waitress aug2016

Final version of the waitress. I gave the painting a complete overhaul to take it to this final version.

I cleaned up nearly every part of the picture. Enhancing colour, filling in gaps, adding detail here and there and refining the face to a degree where I could go no further.

The plan is to hopefully get it into the Courtyard Studios Group exhibition coming up in two weeks.

Janie (half way stage)

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Janie unfiniahed 5aug

I am painting Janie partly for an exercise for the Thursday group, to show in detail my process of three quarter length portrait painting. Also, to build up a portfolio of portraits to have in the studio.

This is after four two hour sessions at the easel. Not including sitting time and composing the photographs. So there are four layers of thin paint on the face and only one layer on the body and arms. The face is actually almost finished.

This is quick for me which is encouraging, I am learning speed at last! It has helped to schedule the work into a daily routine of sorts. Keeping distractions to a minimum is always a struggle but I am winning for now.


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Tanice portrait

A portrait of Tanice. A friend and class member for a couple of years. She has recently left Scotland to go and live in sunny Spain. Fingers crossed that Brexit doesn’t make things more difficult than they need to be!

Oil on canvas 14×12″


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