Portrait in Parliament Hall

•March 23, 2016 • 18 Comments

Lady Cosgrove in Parl Hall 2

Lady Cosgrove in Par Hall

Some good news for my portrait of Lady Cosgrove. It has been moved to the prestigious and historic Parliament Hall, Parliament House. It was up till now in the Advocate’s reading room, a great old room in itself but not accessible to the public.

Goodness me, it now hangs among the Raeburn’s and the Ramsay’s and all these 18th and 19th Century portraits. My painting is the only one in the hall from the modern era. (Easily seen by the 200 years of dirt covering the others!) Lady Cosgrove was Scotland’s first female High Court Judge so she deserves her place here in what is the oldest parliamentary building in Britain.

Henry’s famous stepsister

•March 14, 2016 • 8 Comments

Effie n Henry demo

Well, well! Henry (on the right) has some fame in the family. His stepsister has been awarded Reserve Best in Show at Crufts this year. If he wasn’t such a delinquent he coulda been a contender!:)


Dalry Demo

•March 2, 2016 • 15 Comments

Jamie demo


A demo from this afternoon at Dalry Art Club. This is Jamie who came to visit the studio on Saturday with his family. (Dad “Richard” is painted in a previous post  *here*!)

Cool clean skin tones, quite bluish and great to paint. The natural light comes in from a door to the right. The session lasted an hour and a half and I spent another hour at home to finish. Thanks to all at Dalry and Kilbirnie for the opportunity.:)

It’s that woman again

•February 27, 2016 • 2 Comments

Margaret demo Ayr sketch club

This study was a demonstration for Ayr Sketch Club. An oil portrait of Margaret who is enduring a long spell as my favourite subject for demo’s for the time being. I have one more to go on Wednesday and then Margaret’s face can have a rest. I do plan a finished oil portrait of Margaret one day, but time won’t allow it for a wee while yet.



Brogan watercolour demo

•February 2, 2016 • 4 Comments

Brogan demo 2

This is today’s demo for Tuesday bunch.

This one looks as if I took more care with the drawing. I wasn’t aware of it though, I try and give it the same attention whether it’s in front of people or working alone. It’s funny how both have a certain likeness to the subject but are also completely different. This one looks a little older and the other looks slightly younger than she is.


Brogan watercolour

•January 30, 2016 • 5 Comments

Brogan watercolour

A watercolour portrait of Brogan. Preparation for a demo on Tuesday. Cool blues in the fleshtones. Her fringe gives the painting an Augustus John vibe!

Drawing #3

•January 4, 2016 • 2 Comments

from a train drawing 3

Drawing #3 in the “from a train” series

This charcoal drawing comes from a blurred ref photo. I put the photo through a couple of instagram filters to further destroy detail and remove some colour from the ref  image. The train is travelling at speed past a wet flooded field. The stream has burst it’s banks.


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