Watercolour girl (more)

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girl watercolour apr 2017

More paint on; tonal additions and adjustments, eyes, some hair, eyebrows, lips, nostrils.

Everywhere got a little paint to finish.

Watercolour girl

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watercolour girl

A demo for Thursday group highlighting precision measurements when transferring drawing to paper.

I am not averse to a bit of tracing when drawing on to canvas or paper but this time I got the ruler out and showed the scaling up from measurements taken from the photograph.

The composition is cinematic widescreen. I like the way the girl is peering out through the letterbox like window. This was two hours painting and I will give it some more time in the studio to finish some raw areas. Eyes, some hair bits, tonal adjustments here and there.


Camellia – final version

•April 16, 2017 • 4 Comments


I wasn’t that enamoured with the painting this afternoon. There was a lack of life in the thing. I took a palette knife to it and destroyed the bottom section and repainted the background. I took it as close as I dared to total destruction and then I started to like it. So the message seems to be to throw caution oot the windae!

Evening Light April 2017

•April 14, 2017 • 6 Comments

evening light april 2017

Jumping to and fro between things can be fun but you lose focus if you are trying to develop an idea. I have been getting progressively bolder, I think, with these estuary paintings. Sticking to the one subject throughout gives a solid foundation to explore paint marks and texture. This is verging on “empty” but I have tried to dramatise what was quite a calm evening.

Yellow Chair

•March 25, 2017 • 1 Comment

yellow chair

Back to basics.  Drawn on Samsung Galaxy note 8


•March 20, 2017 • 2 Comments


Here is a painting I have been able to revisit lately. I am about to paint this boy’s brothers and sister after a break of some years. This guy is now about 15 years old!


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“Jamie” – oil on canvas,  14″ x 14″




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