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orchid bloom final

A still life using palette knife and sneaking in a wee brush mark or two. This orchid is from the artificial flower company Bloom. A fine permanent model to try out technique before the frustration of perishable real ones.

Red hair III

•April 1, 2015 • 9 Comments

Red Hair III

Here is the third painting in the Red Hair Trilogy. I guess this is the most detailed except for the hair. I have left this underpainted deliberately to see if I can live with it like this. I did plan a less life like portrait but I couldn’t help myself as the day went on. My compromise is the hair and , not like me at all, I have left the white background with no paint at all.

It will be tomorrow when I decide if that is it. I think it is. It is my favourite of the three. Kate’s expression here is somewhere between melancholia and “Can I go soon?”

Red Hair II

•March 26, 2015 • 10 Comments

red hair II experimental

An experimental evening. Another painting of Kate, this time face on. A much more aggressive application of paint, which was great fun! It brings a random element to the process which is difficult to keep control. Having said that, it was a bit like a demo without the chat. So I was able to concentrate better and do more in the same time.

Red Hair

•March 24, 2015 • 5 Comments

Red Hair one

I have been meaning to paint a portrait of Kate since she dyed her hair to this copper/cadmium red colour. An opportunity to get me back to the easel arose with an offer to exhibit at this years Glasgow Art Fair with Ailsa Art Gallery. I have found it a battle to commercialise portraits into a form where paintings could sell as heads rather as named people. This one, I think, creeps towards that idea but isn’t quite there yet.

Oil on board 12″ x 12″


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A quick 5 minuter for the Tuesday homework. A pair of poundshop spectacles in pencil. Not wearing them at the time, obviously; hence, the pic is out of focus!

Winter Sun

•March 18, 2015 • 5 Comments

winter sun

A demonstration for the wednesday class. This is a mainly palette knife painting, in oils on board.

First, I thinly washed some colour over the whole board, wiped off excess wetness and began the process of colour mixing and placing oil paint in slabs. There are a few bits of brushwork here. Also some sgraffito with a kebab skewer for the twiggy effects.

My idea for the group was to show that subject matter for painting need not be the obviously dramatic or typical viewpoint.

Glass of Water

•March 16, 2015 • 10 Comments

glass of water 2015

The Tuesday group have the honour of being the only class I give homework. In a class of eight , five of them are ex teachers. You could call it revenge but I like to think of it as good practice, to encourage sketching out of hours and as a daily discipline :) (I don’t practice what I preach, l confess!)

So, these weekly exercises are four weeks on now and this weeks challenge is; draw a glass of water against a white background. A tricky one for lack of colour but rich in tonal variety.

I am joining in on this one as I have been feeling guilty about giving out and sitting back enjoying the graft of others!

This is my glass of water, done digitally using Sketchbook pro on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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