Yellow Chair

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yellow chair

Back to basics.  Drawn on Samsung Galaxy note 8


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Here is a painting I have been able to revisit lately. I am about to paint this boy’s brothers and sister after a break of some years. This guy is now about 15 years old!


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“Callum”, oil on canvas 14″x14″

A slightly looser portrait in oils. Also, the background is a tiny experiment where I have left gaps in the paint, showing the canvas. I like the idea but it could be seen as just not quite finished!


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“Jamie” – oil on canvas,  14″ x 14″




Station Cafe, Saltcoats

•February 23, 2017 • 2 Comments


A demo for New Cunninghame Art Club tonight. A painting of Cafe by the Station in Saltcoats. Painted in oils on canvas, 50cm x  50cm. A cracking victorian building right bang in the middle of town.

I started from top to bottom, quickly blocking in the sky and tentatively putting in the roof and chimneys. At this stage, I could see I was already being too cautious. I speeded up and chucked the paint on and everything seemed to liven up as I progressed. Carefully carefree.


Watercolour exercise (after Elizabeth Blackadder)

•February 19, 2017 • 4 Comments



A watercolour exercise that borrows from Elizabeth Blackadder. A simple nature painting from life. A bit of dead stem from the garden; a daff, a lily and another flower(?) from the shops; and a budding stem also from the garden.

A semi-botanical job, kind of randomly arranged. I would like to put in more to fill the space but there is enough here , I suppose, to get the gist of the exercise.

This is for you, Thursday group!


•February 14, 2017 • 2 Comments


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