life drawing july ’18

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life class july18 1

life class july18 2

life drawing

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life class1 24-6-18



life class3 24-6-18


life class5 24-6-18


life class4 24-6-18

We had another group life class today. That is the second one in the recent weeks. Looks like we have an ongoing group for a while. Great for exercising the head to hand skills, the looking and the seeing. Playing around with marks and letting it happen. Skills should develop with consistent and regular sittings.


Kid’s Room

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kids room c1998

Here’s something that I had forgotten about. I am clearing out old stuff and this painting appeared. It’s from an exercise from an open college of arts course I took, going back nearly 20 years! It’s my girls room with some of their favourite things lying about. Oil on paper.



40/40 Vision

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I am very pleased to be taking part in this exhibition celebrating 40 years of WASPS studios. I have two paintings in the show, a watercolour portrait and an oil of a beardyman.

Maili watercolour



Catacol linocut

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catacol lino

I found this linocut while cleaning up the studio. I cut this nearly 20 years ago and put it to ink today again to see it anew. It was cut as a present to the family in no. 12 The Row, (the end cottage) who were moving away. I lived in number 2 at the time. The story goes that the top windows were all designed differently so that wives of the fishermen could light a candle in the window as a signal to husbands out in the water.

Seated figure 1 further on

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figure study stripy tshirt 2


Seated Figure 2 further on

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figure study stripy t shirt

Some more work done on this. Another scumbly layer and some gap filling.

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