annunciation hac photo

A contemporary take on the Annunciation. Mary is visited by the Archangel Gabriel and given news that she would conceive and become the Mother of Jesus.

I was commissioned to paint Mary for St Peter in Chains Church in Ardrossan some years back. I staged a few versions of Mary and this one was put to the side at the time. I liked this one, so vowed to paint it one day. I had an opportunity to prepare for a group show and felt the time was right to tackle this again.

There are a few things in the picture which add to the telling of the tale of the commission. Discarded ideas on the floor, the canvas at the back which the painting now exists on.

Mary is historically depicted at her studies when Gabriel appears, so she is seen here holding a book.

The studio is meant to be analogous to Josephs workshop.

We, the viewer, are seeing the scene from the point of view of Gabriel. (A ploy to not have to paint wings and feathers!)

The painting is currently hanging in the Harbour Arts Centre in our annual Courtyard Studios Exhibition.