Seated Figure 2

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seated figure 2

And another bit of paint to this one.

Seated Figure

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Figure seated

Another seated figure from today. I will look again at these when dry and perhaps go back into them with another layer.

Painting from life

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A rough study from life. A new model for the studios to get us back to basics. My aim is to make large marks and see what happens.

Waitress paint-over

•April 28, 2018 • 7 Comments

waitress detroy 1

This painting didn’t quite work in it’s previous state. It made the waitress look as if she was standing in a toilet! It’s funny that I kind of knew that but didn’t acknowledge it. But when someone else noticed, I thought “of course it does!” and vowed to change it.

The painting isn’t going anywhere so I can experiment with it. I got rid of the tiles at her back and painted the grey over the pink. I’ll probably get rid of the ceramic edging at the shoulder too. It’s a great thing, destroying something!

Irvine Harbour April 22

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irvine harbour apr 22 2018

The paint is getting thicker! Oil on board 7″x7″

Irvine Harbour , April 2018

•April 21, 2018 • 3 Comments

Irvine harbour april 2018

Experimenting with brushmarks. Seeing how much I can strip down the image to the bare bones. Oil on board 7″ x 7″.

Ellipses, legs,perspective, pencil sketch

•April 16, 2018 • 2 Comments

still life tabletop 15-4-18

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