49 Reshow

49 board in townhouse


49 portraits/49 sq in/49 minutes each

Now showing at the Townhouse/Portal in Irvine till January 31st.

My Open Weekend project for 2018, where I painted these fine folk on small 7″x7″ boards. I attempted to paint each one in 49 minutes and succeeded about 70% of the time. Speed was the key and self inflicted madness such as this is all about the learning!

Portrait demo flat brush

anthony middleton demo

This session in class we are looking at the work of the Glasgow Boys. A hallmark of their work was the use of the flat brush. Leaving evidence of the brushmark on the painting. A technique that changed the direction of painting in Scotland in the late 1800’s.

I used a 1″ flat throughout this one to demonstrate the usefulness of the angular marks and the way a subject is hacked into to discover form.

“Marguerites II”

Marguerites II

Oil on board 8″x10″

One more flower painting before I go back to portraits.

This series of still lifes is me exploring the mechanics of putting on paint. How far can I push the paint before losing the subject? How can I paint light rather than a thing?

One thing I need to drop is the reliance on the brush to make a brush mark. That might not make sense but…

I mean to paint the shape and size of a bit of the object in front of me and the chances that, in reality, it looks like a brush mark are slim. So how to paint that with a brush? That’s the thing I am struggling with. You can see the petals are too obviously brush marks with the width of a particular size of brush. Oh, the struggles!