49 Reshow

49 board in townhouse


49 portraits/49 sq in/49 minutes each

Now showing at the Townhouse/Portal in Irvine till January 31st.

My Open Weekend project for 2018, where I painted these fine folk on small 7″x7″ boards. I attempted to paint each one in 49 minutes and succeeded about 70% of the time. Speed was the key and self inflicted madness such as this is all about the learning!

Bogside, Irvine

Bogside, Irvine 2019

Trying out another couple of demos based on the work of Joan Eardley.

This is Bogside, Irvine, painted for the Tuesday group (I think) (It was last week and I forget!). It is close enough to the colours of Eardley, but a bit too stylised and not rough or wild enough to capture the essence of the work.

The 49

The 49 full board

Forty nine beautiful, handsome faces all together.

These are all 7″x7″ oil on board. Around a third of them were painted within the target of 49 minutes but as things progressed I felt compelled to spend more time to take them to a satisfactory finish. On average, the time on each was more like one hour and a half.

The idea was to show something fresh for our open weekend on the 6th of October. I missed that by 5 portraits, but took my time since, to fill these last five spaces. It’s now complete and I’ll keep it together for the year in the studio until the next open weekend.