8 thoughts on “Demo for Fairlie Art Club

    • Thank you! Yes, I know Margaret well, I am not sure how much this affects the likeness. A question I have often asked myself but never came to conclusion. I like to think there is no need to know someone as it is a reading of tones and shapes alone but I am probably underemphasising and ignoring the subconscious “knowing” as an aid to painting character.

      • In the case of expressiveness (which I guess I meant by the word character), in my own work knowing someone seems to enrich that a lot. And that exchange is central to my artmaking motives. That is not true for everyone. And even in some moods or situations, I love treating a person as a kind of “bodyscape” beautiful as a shape/shadow study for its own sake. Some of the best seem to come from this place always. Both viewpoints have their virtues IMO. Thanks for an interesting answer!

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