Watercolour demo – Tom Hardy

tom hardy watercolour

Last week I tried to show how exacting measurement in prep drawing for a watercolour portrait can work in your favour by giving reassurance of the drawing and confidence before applying paint.

I knew this painstaking method would be challenging and rather laborious for the group so this week I offered a shortcut alternative and took a tracing and transferred the drawing that way.

I was asked if I could paint someone everyone knew, to give added interest. I chose Tom Hardy and no-one knew him!

It’s not great to paint from someone else’s photograph for portraits but hey, it’s only an exercise.

I tried the one on the right at home to rehearse the points and to make sure I kinda knew what I was talking about when I came to do it in class.

The photo is a good example of high tonal contrast and three quarter pose.

The one on the left was the demo. These are half hour paintings, with a one inch flat brush.

Watercolour girl

watercolour girl

A demo for Thursday group highlighting precision measurements when transferring drawing to paper.

I am not averse to a bit of tracing when drawing on to canvas or paper but this time I got the ruler out and showed the scaling up from measurements taken from the photograph.

The composition is cinematic widescreen. I like the way the girl is peering out through the letterbox like window. This was two hours painting and I will give it some more time in the studio to finish some raw areas. Eyes, some hair bits, tonal adjustments here and there.


Watercolour portrait exercise

richard watercolour demo

In preparation of a watercolour demo for Wednesday group, I tried this one tonight. I painted this on a drawing board at quite a steep angle to allow the pools of colour to fall to the bottom edge of the applied colour. I also tried to use a lot of pigment to saturate the colour. I virtually never draw a portrait freehand. I use measuring tools and tracing for my oil portraits. Here, I relied on eye and fate.

Watercolour Demo

mag watercolour

It’s that woman again!

This time it is done in watercolour as a demonstration for the Thursday morning class. I had a practice at it the night before and so glad I did. It was awful. Today I had a better idea of what to do and what to avoid. I was more efficient with my layers and bolder regarding pigment intensity.