Sheena’s Mum

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I have started this project for the upcoming 2018 Open Studios Weekend at the Courtyard Studios in Irvine.

49 portraits on 7″x7″ boards, each taking 49 minutes to paint.

This means just under two per day till Oct 4th. It’s doable, yet a bit mad to commit to such folly!

It’s a cure for procrastination and a great way to keep learning.

This is number 6 with 43 to go.

Open Weekend

This is the end of my first year in Courtyard Studios.

We are holding our annual Open Weekend this saturday and sunday 12 till 5pm.

I have painted the floor a bright red (cheapest tin in the shop) to spruce the place up a bit. It now looks like a Formula 1 garage.

Open Weekend

A great weekend at the Courtyard Studios. The weather was good despite the forecast and the place was busy both days. Most of the artists stayed back to present Margaret with a wee drink and a bunch of flowers to say thanks for being studio rep for seven years. That’s me with a dozy smile at the left hand side!