Demo Wednesday 7th nov 2018

spotty cup n flowers acrylic demo

Demo today for Wednesday group.

An exercise in semi-abstraction. This is in acrylics with a few oil pastel additions at the end. This is a still life after Claire Harrigan. Significant is the use of bold blocks of bright colour; a scarcity of detail; and maintaining a sense of space and object without travelling over into pure abstraction.

There is only two real layers in this painting. It’s likely, if outside the parameters of a demonstration, I would continue the build up of opaque paint to strengthen the surface texture further.

Crimson and Green still life

crimson and green

Another version of the last still life. I gave this more time and consideration. The demo version below is rushed and not afforded the thinking time I could give here.

This is headed to an affordable art exhibition next week in the Portal in Irvine. Hopefully do two more tomorrow.