Glass of Water

glass of water 2015

The Tuesday group have the honour of being the only class I give homework. In a class of eight , five of them are ex teachers. You could call it revenge but I like to think of it as good practice, to encourage sketching out of hours and as a daily discipline 🙂 (I don’t practice what I preach, l confess!)

So, these weekly exercises are four weeks on now and this weeks challenge is; draw a glass of water against a white background. A tricky one for lack of colour but rich in tonal variety.

I am joining in on this one as I have been feeling guilty about giving out and sitting back enjoying the graft of others!

This is my glass of water, done digitally using Sketchbook pro on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Going back a bit

boy drawing


A drawing from 1989. I was looking for these drawings I did when I first went to an art club. This was stuck in an old sketchbook at the back of a bookshelf, not seen light of day for a while. I drew then without any sense of technique or mannerism. I see this as something I would find quite difficult to do now, to draw with this freshness and straightforwardness. Sometimes we can see too much of the art world and lose the direct act of seeing and recording.

New sketchbook, new habit

effie facing fox direction

Well, that’s the idea. New sketchbook should encourage new work and I am hopeful of a new habit.

Effie can’t take her eyes away from the direction the foxes sometimes appear, in the corner of the field. She has chased them on a few occasions but luckily for her, and me, none have fancied a fight. She wouldn’t last a minute.

Girl reading

girl reading sketch

We are trying our hand at figure sketching this week. I joined in and produced this drawing of Kate reading. You have to keep checking, plumbing lines to be in control of the drawing. I should be doing this stuff more often (drawing). Treat it like an athlete would in training.

Twelve apostles, Catacol

catacol sketch 2014


Final post from my Arran sketchbook. Took a trip to the north of the island to visit the old house. These are the twelve apostles in Catacol ( only six in the sketch, midges in abundance) . I used to live in the second one from the left. The sea is on the doorstep and virtually no traffic passes by. Fine days, but eventually had to get back to real life! (my perspective, of course). The cottages form a terrace and are all identical apart from the front upstairs window. No two windows are the same, apparently for fishermen to identify their home when out at sea.