Henry – Digital Doodle #10


I am still on the tablet. Sounds like a developing addiction.

This is Henry the whippet. These digitals are serving a purpose of passing the hours during lockdown, while also letting me see how these ideas work as possible paintings. Some, like this one, has the look of something that would survive the crossover into canvas; others are still almost cartoony and need more development or even stopped in their tracks and put to one side as digitals alone.

Digital Doodle #8

kate37 2000pix

This is not so much a doodle as it took me three days to paint!

It is amazing how like real paint can be achieved now with a screen. I was able to forget almost that this was digital. I layered , I pushed and pulled, I scratched in, much in the same way. I feel ready now to go back to the oily stuff. My experiments have done what was needed to do to pass the days of the last few weeks in lockdown.

Cunninghame House, Irvine

cunninghame house sketch 22-1-20

Cunninghame House, Irvine.

This is my favourite building in town. It’s not pretty, but there is something about the bigness of it. It has the feel of an ocean liner at sea, with the flat land surrounding it.

Unfortunately it is beside my least favourite building, the shopping mall. The two are 70’s built as part of the New Town development. The least said about the Bridgegate Mall and the old bridge it replaced, the better.

Sillars Meadow, Irvine

sillars meadow sketch 21-1-20

Sillar’s Meadow in Irvine.

It’s time to start recording the views while dog walking. Pick up the head and look.

It’s not that I don’t look and take in the sights as I go round the dog circuits. It’s that I don’t often look with a painter’s head and translate what’s there into possible compositions. This is a green gap in the main road just on the edge of town. I saw it for the first time this morning as a small beginning.

The dogs are my excuse for not sketching on the spot. Roads too busy and holding leads! I took a photograph and sketched at home.

Glass of Water

glass of water 2015

The Tuesday group have the honour of being the only class I give homework. In a class of eight , five of them are ex teachers. You could call it revenge but I like to think of it as good practice, to encourage sketching out of hours and as a daily discipline 🙂 (I don’t practice what I preach, l confess!)

So, these weekly exercises are four weeks on now and this weeks challenge is; draw a glass of water against a white background. A tricky one for lack of colour but rich in tonal variety.

I am joining in on this one as I have been feeling guilty about giving out and sitting back enjoying the graft of others!

This is my glass of water, done digitally using Sketchbook pro on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Going back a bit

boy drawing


A drawing from 1989. I was looking for these drawings I did when I first went to an art club. This was stuck in an old sketchbook at the back of a bookshelf, not seen light of day for a while. I drew then without any sense of technique or mannerism. I see this as something I would find quite difficult to do now, to draw with this freshness and straightforwardness. Sometimes we can see too much of the art world and lose the direct act of seeing and recording.