Four together

all four flats

I have chosen these four to hang in the Harbour Arts Centre Affordable Arts Fair on 15th December.

Four quite different approaches from the same viewing point at Irvine harbourside. The first one stands alone for a few obvious reasions. The other three are variations on the horizontals presented by the flat estuary viewed directly in front of me. Depending on tide and weather, the amount of visible land changes all the time. The sky never stands still so the sight here is never the same twice. Number two differs in that it is a palette knife painting, the rest using the brush.

Bogside Flats V

Bogside flats V

Getting experimental but trying to stay true to the atmosphere of that day. The sun bounced off the flats and shone against the grey, shower strewn weather.

I planned to have these Bogside paintings hung together but worried now that techniques are so different across the four small boards that they will look odd together!

Bogside Flats III

Bogside flats III

Bogside Flats III 8″x8″ oil on board

This time a palette knife painting.  The knife produces sharp edges and flat polished surfaces. It spreads the oil paint leaving random shaped patches of colour. Too soon for me to judge this against the others. I’ll wait till I see it in a frame.

Bogside Flats II(b)

Bogside flats IIb

I made a few changes to this one from last night. I took it in to the studio and the class gave an impromptu crit. They thought the horizon was a bit ambiguous. Some thought the cloud above the distant hills looked like sea. So, with tail between my legs, I brought it home and changed it. They’re not seeing this one!

Bogside Flats II

bogside flatsIII

Bogside Flats II 8″x8″ oil on board

Another small painting of Irvine harbour area. This is the view across from the studios. I take photos of the view nearly every day to record the light change and the different weather patterns. Trying to use as much paint as possible in these small pieces to show the thick buttery strokes and letting me avoid detail.