A brushy still life. One way to find out what paint does is stick to the same subject and don’t play around with composition. If limited to only brush marks for invention, then you are bound to uncover stuff you didn’t expect.

I like the big circular mark down the middle of the vase. That was the softest of brushes. It resembled a make up powder brush.

View from A Train, Howwood

View from a train Howwood

Back on oils. Back to scrapes, dollops and brush marks.

I much prefer this than acrylic painting, which has it’s advantages, but doesn’t beat the soft, wet feel of oils. My work is disparate and is something I have to get a hold of soon. The paintings will be seen to be improved with consistency. Discarding some styles and subjects will be a positive move in the long run.

I have a series of paintings in mind for this set. View from a train running from Irvine to Glasgow and back again.

New year, new challenge

irvine beach park

I had a real go at still life/flower painting last year. Some duffers and some fairly decents.

I got to a point where I kinda thought I knew what I wanted to achieve. A point with a secure foothold to explore from. A point from where I thought “That’s not too bad, I can move on from that!”

I hope to do the same thing with landscapes this year. I have already a good few duffers behind me to learn from. So it’s onwards and upwards for the outdoors!

This is my first painting of the year and maybe a first foot on the path to something I can call progress!