Red hair III

Red Hair III

Here is the third painting in the Red Hair Trilogy. I guess this is the most detailed except for the hair. I have left this underpainted deliberately to see if I can live with it like this. I did plan a less life like portrait but I couldn’t help myself as the day went on. My compromise is the hair and , not like me at all, I have left the white background with no paint at all.

It will be tomorrow when I decide if that is it. I think it is. It is my favourite of the three. Kate’s expression here is somewhere between melancholia and “Can I go soon?”

Red Hair II

red hair II experimental

An experimental evening. Another painting of Kate, this time face on. A much more aggressive application of paint, which was great fun! It brings a random element to the process which is difficult to keep control. Having said that, it was a bit like a demo without the chat. So I was able to concentrate better and do more in the same time.

#3 of three


Thomas, the elder brother of Jake and Hannah. I finished this portrait this afternoon and it completes the set of three.
This picture is very outdoorsy, the rain has washed the face and the oncoming of night shows the warm fleshtones against the cool evening air. Flash photography isn’t usually a friend to portrait painting but we get away with it here. I had to exclude some glare on the glasses, though, and make up what was behind it. I also took the liberty of drying Thomas’ hair at the fringe!