Watercolour Demo

mag watercolour

It’s that woman again!

This time it is done in watercolour as a demonstration for the Thursday morning class. I had a practice at it the night before and so glad I did. It was awful. Today I had a better idea of what to do and what to avoid. I was more efficient with my layers and bolder regarding pigment intensity.

Bogside Flats III

Bogside flats III

Bogside Flats III 8″x8″ oil on board

This time a palette knife painting.  The knife produces sharp edges and flat polished surfaces. It spreads the oil paint leaving random shaped patches of colour. Too soon for me to judge this against the others. I’ll wait till I see it in a frame.


Richard portrait


Richard’s portrait was collected on Saturday. My anxiety quickly dissipated when the family expressed how delighted they were with the portrait. Thanks, Stephen, for the comments below. I am so glad the commission is working well for everybody. Looking forward to Helen’s now!


“I finally was able to finish the portrait of Richard on Friday. A long time in the making!

I need a psychologist or.. manager.. or someone… or anyone to prod me in the right direction when my mind goes astray.

This was painted with three distinct sections. A slow, small brush, dabbing of paint on layers for the face; a wet on wet (mostly) blended tones on the shirt and hair; and a vigourous , big brush swishing on the slate grey background.

Such a relief to paint the background quickly after the tight workings of the face tones.

Demo III


Another one. This time painting on a white ground with no mid tone safety net! It takes longer to see how the tones work next to one another due to the blinding white. But eventually as you apply the paint, you get there.

I won’t take this further as it says all I want to say about this face. I like the contrast of the silhouetted head against the stark background.

Orchid News

Bloom Page

Bloom have very kindly included my orchid still life in their late summer catalogue.

I’ll use this news as a timely reminder to get back to painting! I have had a strange period of reflection and taking a fresh look at work practice. The break was partly necessary due to a chaotic approach to business which needed fixing; and partly due to a bad case of painters block which creeps up on you and takes an effort to shake off. I am so organised now I have no excuses not to paint. Here goes!