Portrait of Margaret

Margaret W portrait s

A portrait of Margaret. Painted in a more playful style, inspired by the colourful top Margaret is wearing. By chance we had a vase that just about matches the pattern perfectly.

This painting was attempted from a sitting, which I began a few months ago. I posted my initial results on the blog. I was never satisfied with the results and could not get to grips with taking it to a finish.  I started again and relied on the photographs I took at the time and I am much more satisfied with the end result. A real learning experience, and next time I work from sittings I am sure I will be better prepared.

Life class X

All day life class on Saturday. I spent the morning drawing in charcoal and didn’t produce anything worth keeping. It was a very difficult morning. I couldn’t get into the groove at all. It happens and I expect it to happen but it’s not fun.

I went home for lunch and relaxed for half an hour and returned in a better frame of mind. I saved the day with two studies in oil which I enjoyed painting and I think I felt some success with them.

I will think on the charcoal thing and try and develop a more solid technique.