Irvine Harbour

Irvine Harbour

12″x12″ oil on board

Painted on a yellow ground. The yellow unifies the whole by peeking through the gaps in the picture. The enjoyment is in the challenge of where to place the thick or thin parts. It is something that I am looking for, in the process, these days. Why did I decide to put the palette knife blob in the sky over the brushed paint. I have no idea other than at the time I thought it would add an object to break the plain sweep from left to right. Also, as the painting depicts reflections, I had a blob on the water that needed a thing to reflect from.

Slightly more stylised than the last painting, which is based on realistic representation of nature. Which places it weaker in the “Top Trumps – paintings edition”

Sillars Meadow, Irvine

sillars meadow acrylic

Part of a series of paintings I am starting, showing familiar/not so familiar landscapes in Irvine.

It’s related to lockdown in as far as my daily walks have increased during it. The dogs pads are paying the price, though, of that extra mile or so that we are not used to for the past ten weeks. I now have to seek out more grassy paths and avoid the tarmac as much as I can!

I am painting in acrylic and sticking to a 10″x10″ square format.

The final piece will be seen as a collection I hope. We’ll see how it goes.

Digital drawing #11

trees 4

Another study on the screen for further development in acrylic. The series of paintings I have started is based on walks around the town. The paintings are messier than the digital counterparts. I have yet to find a way through the clean marks the digital brush makes. Nevertheless, I like the small dots and scribbles.

Henry – Digital Doodle #10


I am still on the tablet. Sounds like a developing addiction.

This is Henry the whippet. These digitals are serving a purpose of passing the hours during lockdown, while also letting me see how these ideas work as possible paintings. Some, like this one, has the look of something that would survive the crossover into canvas; others are still almost cartoony and need more development or even stopped in their tracks and put to one side as digitals alone.

Digital Doodling #5

weir rubbish1

This is Irvine Weir. I have taken the designy route here. The weir platform thing is just as drawn , but I omitted the trees, the river banks and the flotsam running against the weir thing. Simplification of colour and detail is the thing here. It’s all blue, which I didn’t expect! So, platform solidly struck at bottom middle of square composition.


New year, new challenge

irvine beach park

I had a real go at still life/flower painting last year. Some duffers and some fairly decents.

I got to a point where I kinda thought I knew what I wanted to achieve. A point with a secure foothold to explore from. A point from where I thought “That’s not too bad, I can move on from that!”

I hope to do the same thing with landscapes this year. I have already a good few duffers behind me to learn from. So it’s onwards and upwards for the outdoors!

This is my first painting of the year and maybe a first foot on the path to something I can call progress!



BBC online – Your Paintings


This portrait of one Mr Boyle, a well kent face in Largs,  is one of 21 of my paintings owned by North Ayrshire Council.
The collection is now online as part of the major project by the PCF (Public Catalogue Foundation) and the BBC to create a record online of all paintings owned publicly in the UK.
My works are here.
It’s fantastic to be a part of this resource. I might even get some good quality jpegs from them if I ask nicely.