Androids by Hayocks Primary

Here is a selection of work by primary 6 pupils from Hayocks in Stevenston. An intense three sessions, madly cutting up catalogues and encouraging some ordered sticking down to create some technological marvels – filled with functions known only to their creator. Imagine a room with 30 mad scientists (all aged 10) and all talking at once and the wonder is that we produced some great works that I think the pupils had a lot of fun doing. More to follow.

Argos Technoboy Finished?

Argos Boy is finished with a few extra head fan bits, a few bits under ear and some sketching in of maintenance rail.

I think I liked the last stage better – simpler and cleaner. Hopefully the kids will like it. It’s a bit rough and ready but that is intentional of course as I don’t want to intimidate the children, do I? I cant wait to see what they produce in the class, I’ll post them in a couple of months.

One more to do this weekend. I’ll try a different approach with exhibit photos for the collage and a different angle.

Argos TechnoBoy

Going in to the primary schools of Saltcoats, if the weather allows, with this idea.

The chilblains will be visiting North Ayrshire Museum to see the Ayrshire Innovators Exhibition. Then I will be giving some workshops in the schools and doing this wee art project with them.

To tie in with one of the exhibits- an installation called Dunlop’s Pedal Powered Time Machine created by artists Guy Bishop, Alan Brown & Matt Hulse- I thought we could transform the kids into an android collage using cut-up photos of the exhibits and bits of catalogues etc. Here I have mainly used an Argos catalogue for bits of tellys , shavers , irons, lampstands n stuff. I havent finished it yet so I might play around with it some more – maybe bring in some background, wires , connectors , whatever.