Merry Christmas


A portrait of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The companion of another I painted last christmas.
Painting at this time of year has many advantages. Mainly the idea that I have been too busy to think about how busy this time of year really is. I have been able to watch the closing couple of weeks go by in a blur without too much stress. Too much to do to waste time being stressed about it all. My friend will pick up the painting today and I will relax for a couple of days of wine and good food till I pick up the brushes again on 26th/27th (depending on wine and good food).
Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends and keep up the fine work. It’s been a fun year following you all; inspirational!

I’ve been away from my blog for over a week. I’ve got a new distraction to keep me from working. It’s my new blog “Effie the Whippet“.

I’m having a bit of fun trying to learn photography. I have been using photographs in my work for years but it’s been strictly point and shoot, so I feel it is time to try and understand the camera a bit more. Effie is going to be my assistant in this. She’ll get paid in treats and much attention, so having a lens stuck in her face now and again will be a burden she will thole easily.

Dogs Too!


Tom, who commissioned the portrait of Alison below, also commissioned a portrait of his dog Che.

A magnificent Belgian Shepherd (never seen one before), Che passed away three years ago and is sorely missed by Tom. I think this is my first dog in oils. I have drawn a few for folks in the past, in charcoal. I was a bit restricted in composition here as I had to follow a painting that Tom already has of a previous dog, painted by Sylvia Allen. Luckily he had a photograph with a pose that fits, although lots of detail missing in the photo. Sometimes that can be a good thing because it stops me becoming bogged down with photorealism.

This is about three quarters finished and I am looking to spend the rest of the week taking it to the end or very close to it.