Joan Eardley exercise

Eardley exercise 1

A class demo for Tuesday group.  I was looking at the work of Joan Eardley and in particular, her time at Catterline.

An expressionist painter of the Scottish landscape circa 1957-1963.

Acrylic and oil pastel. There are touches of Eardley here and perhaps not enough of her greys. The emphasis is on gestural marks, layers and textures.

Demo III


Another one. This time painting on a white ground with no mid tone safety net! It takes longer to see how the tones work next to one another due to the blinding white. But eventually as you apply the paint, you get there.

I won’t take this further as it says all I want to say about this face. I like the contrast of the silhouetted head against the stark background.

Demo in charcoal/putty rubber


Another demo portrait in charcoal. This time, the particular exercise is use of putty rubber as a drawing tool. Pushed for time with this one as it was the second exercise of the morning. A good thing, cause I was able to go hell for leather and pay more attention to what I was trying to get across rather than be concerned that my drawing looked good. The outcome is that, ironically, my drawing looks to me better than usual. A lesson for me here!
I only had twenty minutes to show the idea but proved to be enough.
That was a flurry of demos there in the past few weeks. I think that will do for now and I’ll pass the willow stick to the groups and see what comes of it.