Margaret’s portrait of Kate

Margaret's portrait of Kate


This portrait of Kate by Margaret is finally, after an immersive, protracted to and fro, is near to a finish.

I am so happy to say so!

Margaret is a very interesting and intelligent painter, but has a terrible habit of wiping off a days work with the intention of starting fresh next session. Then, inevitably, making the same marks again and being similarly unsatisfied with that days work!

It took me too long to insist that she leave the work in the studio to avoid the scrape away process when she got home.

I am so glad I did though. It was the codebreaker to the enigma that was Margaret’s process. When she avoided wipeoff, then began layering and adjusting, it all fell into place.

Irvine Harbour

Fionas ship inn


Fiona’s acrylic painting of Irvine Harbour with the puffer “Spartan” at the Maritime Museum pontoon. She is keen to move away from photographic flatness in her work and edge towards a painterly surface. I think this goes a long way to achieving it .

A nice control of colour and tone. In particular the reading of the shaded part of the walls of the buildings. White is the trickiest thing to get right, more so when the reflected light is anything but white.