Digital Doodling 1

back road6

Been back on the surfacepro tablet for some landscape studies.

This is a quick and clean way to explore compositions and map images out before tackling real grown up paint.

Also, it whiles away the hours in this lockdown state we are all in.

“Road Home” digital painting on Microsoft Surface pro on Autodesk Sketchbook

Under The Mall

under the mall

Acrylic on board 10″x10″

I am beginning to get something from my urban wanderings. The task is to find the views that I might pass frequently and see with fresh eyes the beauty revealed. In amongst the overly familiar, a scene presents suddenly as exotic or foreign. I have never easily dismissed the usual as usual but trying hard now to see the small corners and pockets of colour as special places.

Bogside Flats Early Evening

Bogside Flats early evening

The finished painting and a new title.

I tightened up the drawing despite saying yesterday that I was trying too hard to make it correct. It is now correcter!

Simplified my plan for the water, overpainted some of the middle distance and a little on the hills.

I am happy with this but must say that I would like to be more abstract. That may be about twenty paintings from now, perhaps more, but then, that’s what it’s all about.

Orange Estuary

Orange across the estuary

A follow on from the Estuary painting a couple of weeks ago. (Photograph is a bit blurry).

I will finish this tomorrow. I am trying to put on more paint to a thick, broad buttery consistency. It’s wondering where to take the detail. I am quite uncertain about this one. I would like to be bolder and scrap most of the representational areas but that will have to wait for another day. I think the concern is in that narrow strip in the middle, the horizon, the background hills and low sky. I am trying too hard to draw correctly. Anyways, my focus here is on saturated colour and, as I say, broad wet strokes of paint.

Keith Salmon and Glen Rosa drawing

keiths HAC drawing

keith talking about drawing

Keith gave an inspiring account of the experience of drawing in public. This drawing was completed over eighteen days in the Harbour Arts Centre gallery. It is a memory of a walk in Glen Rosa on the Isle of Arran. He talks of the chance encounters with the public during the process, the variety of responses and the unpredictability of shared stories and experiences. The finished work is to be donated to North Ayrshire which means a civic handover and another chance of wine and good company!