peonies again

This is the third version. I repainted the first time because I saw things I wanted to change. The second time, someone else pointed out areas lacking in something. I agreed. This is probably the final version of this painting.

9 thoughts on “peonies again

      • Thanks, David! To clarify, we’ve got a flower in a small glass vase on our table, so I’m going to paint that, not make a copy of one of your paintings (as much as I love them). You’ve inspired me to try it. 😊

        I thought that was probably the right approach—to focus on the colour and value I can see, rather than the fact I’m painting glass.

        Out of interest, did you use a palette knife (as well as a brush) for this painting?

      • The paintings with a dark background have the flowers housed in a dark box with a led lamp throwing light on the front of the flowers. The lighter ones are just sitting in open space, perhaps with a blank wall or card behind. Also, as a rule I had the object at eye level… for these paintings anyway. Yes, I did use a palette knife. Mostly to shape and also to flatten and spoil some brushstrokes.

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