New year, new challenge

irvine beach park

I had a real go at still life/flower painting last year. Some duffers and some fairly decents.

I got to a point where I kinda thought I knew what I wanted to achieve. A point with a secure foothold to explore from. A point from where I thought “That’s not too bad, I can move on from that!”

I hope to do the same thing with landscapes this year. I have already a good few duffers behind me to learn from. So it’s onwards and upwards for the outdoors!

This is my first painting of the year and maybe a first foot on the path to something I can call progress!



4 thoughts on “New year, new challenge

    • Thanks Rosie! I’m on that road to nowhere again, enjoying what will come of it. I dont do that often enough. I like this one but I am not feeling it, haha. My head is between brushy abstraction ( Louise Balaam) and shape abstraction (Sandy Ostrau) and simplicity of Harry Stooshinoff. I love being a student of painters!

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