Waitress paint-over

waitress detroy 1

This painting didn’t quite work in it’s previous state. It made the waitress look as if she was standing in a toilet! It’s funny that I kind of knew that but didn’t acknowledge it. But when someone else noticed, I thought “of course it does!” and vowed to change it.

The painting isn’t going anywhere so I can experiment with it. I got rid of the tiles at her back and painted the grey over the pink. I’ll probably get rid of the ceramic edging at the shoulder too. It’s a great thing, destroying something!

~ by David Reid on April 28, 2018.

7 Responses to “Waitress paint-over”

  1. I’m coming over to see my painting before you blacken me oot!!! Lol I liked the toilet…. you should have emphasised that moe 😁

    See you soon!
    Michelle xx
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    • hahaha, I’ll add a couple of urinals in yours since you’d like that! The painting is waiting in the studio for you, it’ll be good to see you x

  2. Beautiful!

  3. It’s liberating to be destructive. I love the contrast between the photo realism of the figure and the loose and expressive brushwork in the background

    • Agree! It’s liberating. I don’t get the time to paint as much as I’d like so it’s good to lose it once in a while :D. Thanks Rosie!

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