Watercolour exercise (after Elizabeth Blackadder)



A watercolour exercise that borrows from Elizabeth Blackadder. A simple nature painting from life. A bit of dead stem from the garden; a daff, a lily and another flower(?) from the shops; and a budding stem also from the garden.

A semi-botanical job, kind of randomly arranged. I would like to put in more to fill the space but there is enough here , I suppose, to get the gist of the exercise.

This is for you, Thursday group!

6 thoughts on “Watercolour exercise (after Elizabeth Blackadder)

  1. Alstroemeria, in case you’re wondering (the flower from the shop). 😉 I’m finally back for a visit through your posts after a long absence from here, and am loving the range and diversity of projects, subjects, styles, and moods. You are so versatile and flexible—strengths I admire greatly in any fine artist, but especially one who has so much courage and dash in combination with the breadth of skills. Lovely stuff, sir!

    • Thank you very much, Kathryn.
      Good to hear from you again. I am glad you think I am versatile as a painter, I tend to think I am all over the place without a steady style to ground myself on and develop from. One day I’ll take one of these projects and run with it. If only time…… Cheers again!

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