4 thoughts on “Watercolour exercise

  1. Not being a member of the Thursday gang I don’t know why the portrait needed to be completed in 20 minutes, but nonetheless this is an excellent insightful reflection of the little boy’s character and technically accomplished. Stephen Phillips

    • Thank you Stephen, my rush here is due to the mix in the class. The demo was for the newcomers to the class so to avoid neglecting the rest I had to curb time spent. It does focus the mind, though!
      Update on portraits: Jamie and Callum are finished and just a smidgen from finishing Helen. I am planning to frame Jamie and Helen at same time (Callum is framed already) so as to give all three at once. If Helen’s trails on a bit, I’ll have Callum and Jamie framed and ready during second week in December

  2. Hi david, i love your watercolour portrait. The speed with which it has been done gives it a vibrancy and energy.
    Katerina hayden

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