Big Heid demo

big self portrait

Just completed this demo self portrait this morning. Great fun, and went better than I expected. I honestly was prepared for a fail with some laughs but it turned out well.

Now I have a taste for big stuff!


Self portrait – oil on canvas 60×42″

10 thoughts on “Big Heid demo

  1. Marvelous! I haven’t done large-scale work in too long, but loved going in that direction in grad school so much that I ended up doing works from about standard portrait-size right on to 3m x 10m murals. What fun! This is a gorgeous, relaxed yet character-full portrait, and I think gives a nice hint of the Man Behind the Brush!!
    Well done. Cheers,

    • Thanks Kathryn, it really was a blast. I can’t wait to do others now. Folk here say it isn’t like me at all! They think it too serious and grim. They don’t know me at all! đŸ˜€

      • That’s part of the privilege of self-portraiture—visual or verbal: we get to ‘create’ or at least present whatever aspect/version of ourselves we choose! Sometimes it’s more revealing than we know, too…a number of visitors to my graduate thesis exhibition told me that my Norwegian lineage was obvious in the Munch-like character of so much of the show, and to be honest, I disliked his stuff at the time and was shocked at the comparisons. (You can see my later portrait of Munch here: It was only in later years when I revisited the Munch museum in Oslo and saw some of his work again in other places that I began to (however begrudgingly) see exactly what they were talking about, and not even feel it an insult anymore! Ha! I think my stuff nowadays is far less reflective of the particulars that made them notice any similarities, but it’s *always* interesting and informative to ‘see’ my work through others’ eyes.

        As for this piece, I’d call it pensive rather than grim, but either way, far better than the proverbial RBF (Resting B!+ch Face) that so many of us get when we’re lost in thought. đŸ˜‰ !!!

      • Pensive I’ll take! Re: Munch – It is surprising to discover what comes through us as subconcious influence. I have never explored the self before, in visuals at least, but I have gotten over that self concious fear now, somewhat, so am now intrigued to take it further.

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