Dalry Demo

Jamie demo


A demo from this afternoon at Dalry Art Club. This is Jamie who came to visit the studio on Saturday with his family. (Dad “Richard” is painted in a previous post  *here*!)

Cool clean skin tones, quite bluish and great to paint. The natural light comes in from a door to the right. The session lasted an hour and a half and I spent another hour at home to finish. Thanks to all at Dalry and Kilbirnie for the opportunity. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Dalry Demo

    • Hi Maggie, this was an hour and a half at the demo and a further hour at home. I used photographs of Jamie.I had Jamie in the studio a few days earlier to take photos for a commission. I couldn’t paint like this from the model! 🙂

  1. I am still amazed, David, that you could produce such a accurate and characterful portrait of Jamie so quickly. I can only agree with Helen that it is brilliant. For your followers I declare an interest in that Jamie is one of our grandchildren. Very well done.

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