Dalry Demo

Jamie demo


A demo from this afternoon at Dalry Art Club. This is Jamie who came to visit the studio on Saturday with his family. (Dad “Richard” is painted in a previous post  *here*!)

Cool clean skin tones, quite bluish and great to paint. The natural light comes in from a door to the right. The session lasted an hour and a half and I spent another hour at home to finish. Thanks to all at Dalry and Kilbirnie for the opportunity. 🙂

~ by David Reid on March 2, 2016.

15 Responses to “Dalry Demo”

  1. Superb job!

  2. Beautiful work, David. This is an oil?

  3. Fantastic work! I had to look twice and read that it was done in oil. Liquin is pretty neat, I need to use mine more often. Very nice work.

  4. You did this in hour and a half? Did you let him take a break?

    • Hi Maggie, this was an hour and a half at the demo and a further hour at home. I used photographs of Jamie.I had Jamie in the studio a few days earlier to take photos for a commission. I couldn’t paint like this from the model! 🙂

  5. Gosh, this is so beautiful! Love the fresh colors and the look on his face.

  6. That is brilliant. Callum, Jamie’s cousin, said that looks like the real Jamie!!

    Helen King

  7. I am still amazed, David, that you could produce such a accurate and characterful portrait of Jamie so quickly. I can only agree with Helen that it is brilliant. For your followers I declare an interest in that Jamie is one of our grandchildren. Very well done.

  8. Hi David,
    This is really great. Really captured something of Jamie.

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