Richard portrait


Richard’s portrait was collected on Saturday. My anxiety quickly dissipated when the family expressed how delighted they were with the portrait. Thanks, Stephen, for the comments below. I am so glad the commission is working well for everybody. Looking forward to Helen’s now!


“I finally was able to finish the portrait of Richard on Friday. A long time in the making!

I need a psychologist or.. manager.. or someone… or anyone to prod me in the right direction when my mind goes astray.

This was painted with three distinct sections. A slow, small brush, dabbing of paint on layers for the face; a wet on wet (mostly) blended tones on the shirt and hair; and a vigourous , big brush swishing on the slate grey background.

Such a relief to paint the background quickly after the tight workings of the face tones.

10 thoughts on “Richard

  1. We should declare an interest here. Richard is our son and we commissioned this portrait. Suffice to say that Judy and I are absolutely delighted with the final portrait. David’s skill and technical ability have completely captured Richard’s personality and character, and the accuracy of the likeness is superb. David will soon be starting work on a portrait of our daughter and we look forward to receiving this next portrait. Very well done the artist. We could not have wished for a better outcome.
    Stephen and Judy Phillips

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