Red hair Demo


The week ahead is going to be demo time for all the classes. This first one is a return to Kate’s Red Hair.

The hair is pure cadmium at some places, turning to a mix of cad red, ultra blue and umber for the darker parts.

My usual palette, here, of titanium white, ultramarine blue. alizarin crimson, yellow ochre, burnt umber, cad red and cad yellow. There is an addition of pthalo blue for the t-shirt.

7 thoughts on “Red hair Demo

  1. Love the red hair, David! I got out of hospital after 5 weeks last monday. I tire easily but will get stronger as days pass. I don’t know when I will be able to return to fri class which I really miss. I will keep you informed. Give my regards to Sandy and John and the ladies. Steve

    • Hi Steve, glad you got in touch. (sorry for delay). Hope you are getting better now. I passed on your message and everyone is glad to hear you haven’t abandoned them! Do take your time till you are ready to return, your place is there waiting. We have one week off on Fri 16th oct and the new block starts on fri 23rd oct. Best wishes, David and Friday group.

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