Red Hair II

red hair II experimental

An experimental evening. Another painting of Kate, this time face on. A much more aggressive application of paint, which was great fun! It brings a random element to the process which is difficult to keep control. Having said that, it was a bit like a demo without the chat. So I was able to concentrate better and do more in the same time.

10 thoughts on “Red Hair II

  1. Your experiments are so interesting David – this one in particular. The style is deliberate, well-placed strokes – I like the results very much.

    • Thanks again Mary! I’m glad to hear it. I am sure I am sacrificing something by not having a brand style but I can’t help playing around a bit to see what happens.

      • So funny, have you noticed my brand style? There isn’t one ~ would love to graduate toward a particular style, but I’m so young as an artist I hope that it comes at some point.

      • Ha! It surely will. Paint in a thousand styles and if you live long enough, the whittling process will work to leave you with a finely honed technique!

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