Glass of Water

glass of water 2015

The Tuesday group have the honour of being the only class I give homework. In a class of eight , five of them are ex teachers. You could call it revenge but I like to think of it as good practice, to encourage sketching out of hours and as a daily discipline 🙂 (I don’t practice what I preach, l confess!)

So, these weekly exercises are four weeks on now and this weeks challenge is; draw a glass of water against a white background. A tricky one for lack of colour but rich in tonal variety.

I am joining in on this one as I have been feeling guilty about giving out and sitting back enjoying the graft of others!

This is my glass of water, done digitally using Sketchbook pro on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

~ by David Reid on March 16, 2015.

10 Responses to “Glass of Water”

  1. Beautiful work David

  2. Gosh, I’d thought that was a photograph until I read the remainder of your post. Very nice!

  3. Hey David,
    Nice drawing! Would be very time consuming for me to achieve this level of hyper-realism with graphite or charcoal. Have never done a digital drawing. Don’t own a tablet yet. Do you use a Wacom pad and pen?

    • Hi Tom, Thanks! I used a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 inch tablet for this. I think the tech for Samsung was developed by wacom. So technically it is a wacom pad and pen!. the galaxy note comes with an integrated pen. It is cleaner than paint and charcoal and gives that photographic quality, mainly cause it records pixels not marks. Different from real materials, less authentic but good fun.

  4. Aren’t these digital tools fun new challenges/toys! 😀

  5. Thanks. Very pleased to have found your fascinating blog. I’ll be back! Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox.

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