Going back a bit

boy drawing


A drawing from 1989. I was looking for these drawings I did when I first went to an art club. This was stuck in an old sketchbook at the back of a bookshelf, not seen light of day for a while. I drew then without any sense of technique or mannerism. I see this as something I would find quite difficult to do now, to draw with this freshness and straightforwardness. Sometimes we can see too much of the art world and lose the direct act of seeing and recording.

~ by David Reid on March 10, 2015.

3 Responses to “Going back a bit”

  1. You have depicted the head so well with deep feeling. Have you thought about a career in art? Is it ok for me to come to class this Fri? Steve W

  2. Well first it’s awesome to see your earlier work David. Perfect description to the evolution of an artist – we need to visit the past.

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