Big Cloud, Irvine Harbour

big cloud irvine harbour jan 2015

The skies over the harbour are always changing; by the day, the hour, the minute even. I am finding a way to paint them by trying to understand the interpretation of the original view/photograph. I take loads of pictures of the harbourside and have been for years. It’s only now I think I am finding some way to get the drama onto canvas. The hills on the horizon are quite distant and it wasn’t until I dropped the idea of the land forms as a focus and began looking at the sky that the solution appeared in the clouds!

This big cloud sat over the water for a while before sauntering off into town. It was quite a blowy day and pretty cold. I am using a lot of prussian blue these days and it is the dominant colour here. The painting was done in two sessions, mostly wet-in-wet with a few corrections over dry areas later.

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