Family Group

family group


It’s unusual to paint pictures these days, for me, from someone else’s photographs. However, it keeps you challenged to produce a portrait you are happy with from  a limited set of photos you didn’t direct or had a hand in choosing.

In this one I had a few pics of the adults, a few of the boy on his own and one with the boy and dad. The task was to put all three in the one painting.

I chose one pic of the boy and dad together in this setting  and was able to place mum in the front and they all appear, I think, to be behaving as a group.

I am curious to know where this is, a kind of pier come breakwater in a harbour in England I think. If anyone knows please let me know.

This is in oils on board. My predominant colour here is Prussian Blue.

(Not the best photograph, I took this on my tablet!)

~ by David Reid on December 16, 2014.

6 Responses to “Family Group”

  1. Very nice. I like the fact that this was painted from different pictures and you created this beautiful composition. Wonderful!

  2. I like the unusual perspective for a portrait that you captured here; I love the depth, and feeling that they are walking towards the viewer. Really nice!

  3. Natural-seeming composition in portraiture is almost always tricky (despite your *unnatural* propensity for making it look ridiculously easy), but especially tough when you’re compositing it. Neatly done, here.

    May you and yours have a lovely holiday season, David, and a splendid 2015.


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