Keith Salmon at the HAC

Keith Talk

Keith Salmon has a new exhibition of paintings and a drawing project at the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine this month. An exciting part of the show is Keith’s intention to work in situ on a large scale drawing of Glen Rosa, Arran. A walker and climber, he paints from memories, sketches and photographs of his experiences of weather and atmosphere in the hills.

Walking in the giant natural amphitheatre of Glen Rosa, he envisioned an ambitious plan to draw the surrounding hills. It relates to an earlier project when he performed another public drawing of the external view of Speyer Cathedral in Germany. This time, contrasting with the external walk around a man made structure, he is inside the towering landscape of the natural walls of the mountains.

Here is a detail of the first stage of the drawing. Really an underdrawing so far, which he can build upon with layers and tones in the coming days. I’ll show progress as the drawing develops later in the month.

keiths drawing detail

keith poster

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