mary final painting sunday

The portrait of Mary is finished after a clean up session. I had to redo the halo. It never occurred to me that the faux gold I used would easily tarnish with exposure to the air. Real gold stays clean for all its life, so it is now real gold that is on the canvas. Thanks to my studio neighbour ,  a professional bookbinder, I was given the real stuff to remedy the schoolboy error.

I dropped the shoulders slightly to relax the figure. I refined the hands with a lighter layer, and just generally cleaned some dirty marks. All done!

16 thoughts on “Mary

  1. Yet another magnificent painting, David. I used to abhor what I called the ‘Pink Jesus’—Jesus and his family portrayed as clearly non-Jewish, not-at-all-Middle-Eastern figures. But then I finally remembered that the Christian story has always been that God created humans in His own image, and if we too are all so diverse, then Jesus must look just like the brother of anyone who believes. And Mary and Joseph, and all of those others—we are all one under the skin; it is the inner being that connects all. So I now love an image like this very much, not only because it’s a work of technical mastery but because it reflects the Mary that so many can connect with and recognize as a mother, daughter, sister.

    As for that gilding on your particular lily, I’m glad you (and your bookbinder friend) solved the problem!


    • Thank you so much Kathryn! You are too kind. I was a bit scared at one point that I would end up with an illustrated bible kind of Mary but Kate is so good at the sincere, humble, almost deadpan look, that I knew if I just painted Kate then it would work out. If people do connect in the way you say I will be so relieved and proud to let it hang in its new home.

  2. Oh my gosh David, relaxing here shoulders brings about a beckoning from Mary that is very hard to resist. What an accomplishment that is going to be enjoyed by so many for years to come. Congratulations ~

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