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I have nearly finished my portrait of Mary, just a final refinement of tones to the hands and it should be complete, save for a “once over” to make sure.

This one has taken me some time. There was a fair bit of toing and froing due to the nature of the commissioning process. Luckily, the client was sure of what he was asking for because any chance I could have had, I was for taking it to a more contemporary place. That will be for another time though. I have another two or three staged Mary’s all photographed and waiting for canvas.

One thing the client stipulated was that he just wanted a depiction of the girl from Galilee.

This will be heading for a church near home when it is framed in the next week or two. Fingers crossed it will go well with everyone involved.

18 thoughts on “Mary

  1. Hi David, I just love your portrait of Mary. It has been fascinating to watch you from the very start to the finished painting. I am sure your client will be delighted. best wishes Katerina Hayden Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2014 20:14:51 +0000 To:

  2. Beautiful work! Could not tell, is this oil or acrylic? May I ask, what painting medium do you prefer and why? Beginner here and always interested in learning. Thanks!

    • Thank you Tom! This is an oil painting. I use turps as a thinner in the earlier stages. I stop using pure turps after the white of the canvas is gone. Then I use a mixture of 50/50 linseed oil and turps in the subsequent layers. It’s the old adage “fat over lean” – more oil in the latter stages. If I need a bold bit of paint I dont use the medium at all, just the paint. Another thing is, I paint in strokes,small to medium sized, so no large areas at any one time. This cuts down any risk of cracking due to different drying times. David

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