Goat Fell, digital version

goat fell digital sketch


Drawn on a Samsung Note 8.1. This is the digital version of the view from the window in Brodick, Arran. I tried this first and then in watercolour to compare the two. The act of seeing and making marks as accurately as possible is the same, but obviously the tactile thing is vastly different. I enjoy the doing equally, but do prefer the watercolour as a finished object.

~ by David Reid on July 2, 2014.

7 Responses to “Goat Fell, digital version”

  1. Yep – Prefer water colour. Differences interesting though. H ‘.-)

  2. Liked especially the potential for scratching through on the second one.

  3. I’m guessing those were white lines?

    • Hi Harry, what it does is makes new marks on top of old marks in the colour and transparency you choose. So it could seem like scratch through if your chosen colour is white. I seem to take less care on the screen than paper, that maybe because it is that wee bit harder to be accurate. There is a slight delay in the touch screen. David

      • I wonder if your version of the software and hardware combined allows for what I enjoy so much with my digital prestidigitations, which is the ability to create quite a few layers and rearrange them all I like, which means that I *can* do a version of sgraffito or scratchboard, but I can also do ‘fill-ins’ or backgrounds and then place them underneath the linear elements.

  4. I think what I’m enjoying most about digital tools is the ability to rather quickly do multiple variations and iterations of a single piece, both digitally and manually, then choose (or simply enjoy their distinctions all together).

    • I am not that familiar yet with the layer thing. I think my app has the capability but just using it like I would paper. I do rub out quite a bit 🙂

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