Goat Fell, view from window

goat fell from window watercolour


A watercolour sketch of the view from Springbank Terrace, Brodick. This is Goat Fell, Arran’s tallest peak and only 100 odd feet short of a munro.

The three orange oblongs to the right of the large tree is Brodick Castle. As if you need to ask!

~ by David Reid on June 29, 2014.

2 Responses to “Goat Fell, view from window”

  1. Really like this David. Both as a piece of work and as an approach and medium that might help me conquer my recidivistic dog fights with superfluous detail for long enough to jettison them for good. It’s especially helpful to be turned on by something that not only makes me want to look at it but makes me want to try it. Thanks once more. Harry

  2. Thanks Harry, pleased to hear it! I am having a go at painting from life to develop a habit. Been trying to for ages now. It helped being away for the week and getting away from bad habits in daily routine. Watercolour is so easy to carry around. A couple of brushes, a tin of colours and a wee vial of water and a pencil. Also helps to get away from photographic references which encourage exactly the style you want to get away from!

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