Blue Jug III

Blue Jug III orange ground


In the spirit of discovery, I wanted to try the same arrangement with a different ground. This time bright orange.

I think the orange enabled me to leave more gaps without the subject being overwhelmed with a battling, contrasting colour. It seemed to add energy and movement to the objects.

Another difference is the support. Before, it was canvas on stretchers. This time it is a canvas board. the physical change obviously felt different; no give under the palette knife. Also the marks were spikier and with a slightly sharper edge.

I can move away from this combination now before I succumb to repetition – I am dangerously close to that already!

~ by David Reid on May 16, 2014.

5 Responses to “Blue Jug III”

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  2. I love this, fabulous painting x

  3. Sweet. The orange sure does energise it all,,,,,, but too firey? ; just a question.

    • thanks K, perhaps, perhaps. I finished it today while tutoring so I didn’t ponder over it. I think I might subdue it ever so slightly by filling in some more gaps (particularly , the right side of the jug) and painting a bit more on the fruit which I really hardly touched.

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