Blue Jug finished

Blue Jug - finished

Age old question for painters – when is it finished? When I am using a style I am relatively new to, I haven’t a clue. I am calling an end to this one despite the “unfinished” section bottom right. I like the look of that part. I am unsure about other parts, maybe overplayed bits but it’s not a big thing.

This was so enjoyable to paint. No pressure from it, just spreading some paint about.

~ by David Reid on February 25, 2014.

9 Responses to “Blue Jug finished”

  1. really like the whole thing David, and especially the flower sticking out to the left, and the lemon ! very nice feeling to the painting. 🙂

  2. I really the “unfinished” part at the bottom. Works very well and I think add a lot to the painting.

  3. Wey Hey! Can even see the individual strokes on screen.

  4. a very nice painting, good composition and colors

  5. Glorious. Beautiful composition, colour, texture

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