Blue Jug

Palette knife still life

Still life painted with a palette knife. I’ll finish one of these one day.

I stained the canvas with Acrylic Permanent Rose and began  a white jug and flowers thing. I didn’t get far with that and started painting a new one on top. A blue jug with artificial flowers. Palette knife paintings can sometimes look a bit 60’s so I have to keep that in mind!

I’ll try and complete it tomorrow.

Oh and there’s a lemon in there too, obviously.

~ by David Reid on February 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “Blue Jug”

  1. I love your interpretation of the blue jug (with lemon) . I have tried another one which is still not exciting but will bring it to class when I come back from londonKaterina

    Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 16:17:53 +0000 To:

  2. Hi Dave,

    Responding via email as conscious stricken by failure to get round to see you. Please don’t hang on to my space on Thursdays Dave- if it’s still there that is. Health stuffs coming to a head and have just been managing Uni stuff by skin of teeth. Well they’ve been letting me off really with a couple of pieces of homework. Luckily I’ve not needed a doctors line as have preserved my independence on that front – just – by not going near GP’s.

    You probably think I’ve forgotten about painting but I’ve not. I will be in touch Dave as soon as I get clear. This letter has to go inside next ten days unless I want to furnish my correspondents with more excuses so should see you then.

    Thanks meantime for all your help and – as I say – don’t worry if my place has had to go. I will contact you in any case of course when I decide to lift a brush again.

    Take Good Care,


    PS Will mail you again as soon as I can get round. Meantime I’ve a hopefully last – at this juncture – private blood check to open when I finish this send to you.


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