System 3 Acrylic portrait

wendys2 opt

Trying out system 3 acrylics for a portrait exercise. They are fluid and soft. I expected an extremely quick drying time on the palette but surprisingly stayed wet for a time enough. Cryla are obviously thicker and meatier. I don’t know if I have a preference of one over the other. I do know I will always prefer oils!

The portrait is one I will use as an example for a workshop with some Higher Art students at Auchenharvie school tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “System 3 Acrylic portrait

  1. Nice work David! I have only used System 3 acrylics and at times they dried too quickly – but then you work a lot quicker than I do. It’s all relative! Please say hello to all the guys at Auchenharvie from me, especially my old cycling buddy, Kenny in the art dept. Willie

  2. I never got to take enough painting classes to get the right feel for working in oils, so have always fallen back on acrylics. Someday, perhaps! Right now I’m getting the itch to do some very simple monochrome or narrow range washes over graphite, and hope I can find time soon. This is so lovely that it should get me in motion at the least!

  3. There are such things as ‘open’ acrylics and also acrylic mediums that you can add to slow the drying time a good deal, also a sta-wet palette will inhibit dry time on the palette…. Or maybe you know all this and don’t care, because oils are what you REALLY love?! – Lovely work, David! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Hilda, Thanks for the kind comment.I am aware of stuff that can stretch working time with acrylics but you’re right, I am too into oils to explore in depth! πŸ™‚

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