My work here is done…

David by Sandy

Sandy surprised me this morning with the portrait of me, painted during the holidays. I am so impressed by it. A bit of Tom Coates with a smattering of Uglow thrown in, also reminds me of Patrick George. All these artists were active in England from the 50’sĀ  until very recently. Similar in style and all no doubt friends together. One of my favourite periods in Art.

Sandy has pulled it off with no help from the tutor.

There is just enough information in the paint layer to say what needs to be said. No need for any further refinement.

I hope he doesn’t disappear now, thinking he needs no help from now on. I’ll have to point out a few mistakes to keep him on his toes and nurture that dependency!

~ by David Reid on January 10, 2014.

11 Responses to “My work here is done…”

  1. So there you are!

  2. Wow!
    Well done Sandy,
    Well done tutor Dave.
    Nuff to make me rant an rave.

    You see Sandy – that’s what comes of havin’ a really good immaculately bearded sitter a wee while back ‘,-) Who was that again? – That guy that used to paint?

    Great job. Hope it’ll be exhibition bound!

  3. Nicely said, Harry. I dare say Sandy will enter it into Eglinton.

  4. Fantastic! Has me grinning.

  5. I love your portraits, you are so talented.

  6. Excellent art šŸ™‚

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