John Lawson

John Lawson by David Reid

This is John Lawson. A portrait donated to Enable Scotland, a wonderful mental health charity. Bid for by John at the Annual charity ball, where a few drinks loosens the pocket a bit and enables you to pay for something you might not ordinarily buy!

The interior is Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. I have just remembered, the study drawing was posted earlier in the year.

I loved painting the darker corridor on his left, the checkerboard tiles and a peek into the Dali room where the “Christ of Saint John of the Cross” hangs.

John, like most sitters, didn’t make it easy by wearing a checked shirt and intricate tie covered in little blue squirrels.

~ by David Reid on December 8, 2013.

14 Responses to “John Lawson”

  1. That is incredible!

  2. David, you never fail to amaze me. So solid, down to earth, sensible and yet wonderfully energetic, empathetic and engaging when you suss out character, and you manage to bring it all to the canvas (or paper). What a gift.

    • Wonderfully kind, Kathryn, thank you. I’ll remember your comments each time I think “Och, it’s too sensible!” (which I often do)

      • I really do mean it as a high compliment. I think many portraitists tend to try to idealize their subjects by making them unnaturally pretty and sweet or overly dramatic, and in doing so, lose the essential intelligence and warmth and *realness* that is what actually humanizes and beautifies a person. You don’t take that cheap route, and your honesty pays off in much more compelling and attractive portraits.

      • I am so lucky to have you say so. I do try and paint the realness exactly for the reasons you describe. I don’t trust my work when style creeps in, much as I admire those who have it. Thank you again!

  3. Portrait has come out really well David – Squirrels and all ‘,-)) – Harry

  4. This is really amazing! I think the muted colors work fantastic against the playfulness of the patterns! It must have been such a pain to paint, but those squirrels and checkerboard shirt really make me smile.

  5. Your work is astounding, David. Looking forward to more!

  6. The details are brilliantly present but to not overpower. An excellent portrait all round.

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