The Waitress IV

waitress iv

Another, and final, version of The Waitress (all going well, of course). This was a demonstration this morning for the new Saturday group. So far, they have practiced drawing freehand, from a grid and traced images. The painting here demonstrates two of these techniques for transferring the image onto canvas. I printed a photograph of the model’s head to the exact size I needed and traced the image for transfer. The torso was drawn from a photograph prepared with a grid and scaled to fit the head.

Painted alla prima, but will go back into the face again tomorrow. It should still be wet for retouching.

I am painting the whole figure this time as this was the intention from the beginning. I want to represent the figure at work, slightly daydreaming but still paying attention and ready for duty. Strong shadows cast on the left side of the face which I am not used to, so trying to fight dirty colours. I am happy with how it’s looking at the moment but keen to get more work done on it tomorrow.

~ by David Reid on November 16, 2013.

4 Responses to “The Waitress IV”

  1. Terrific

  2. And I, of course, am keen to see where the rest of the process leads! Lovely.

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