Finding Archie

archie painting s

Eleven days since my last post counts as neglect.

I have been working slowly on a portrait that is about two thirds there, maybe more. So nothing new to put up.

I came across this picture of my first painting of Archie, a friend and fellow painter, when cleaning up my desktop. Moving files into folders, all that business.  It takes up enormous amounts of time, but you can uncover lost treasure. I had thought I had lost any record of this one but so glad to have found it again. I work from a desktop pc but also use a laptop in the studio and things do get confusing. Add in back up cd’s and flash memory sticks and , well, chaos.

Archie is standing in front of one of his own paintings. Something about this painting and others in the series cheer me up every time I see them.

~ by David Reid on October 27, 2013.

6 Responses to “Finding Archie”

  1. Beautifully painted. Is that the ankh symbol around his neck? Haven’t seen that in a while.

  2. Archie and his work is full of vitality. Fine work from both artists.

  3. I love this

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