The Waitress III – Cunninghame Art Club Demo

The third and final demo version of the  “Waitress”. This time a 3/4 view as Kate looks out the window casting a deep shadow over the left of the head.

I finished this at home and spent an extra half hour adjusting. I had forgotten the eye lashes too! So I had to go back to it.

The Waitress III

~ by David Reid on October 3, 2013.

8 Responses to “The Waitress III – Cunninghame Art Club Demo”

  1. Beautiful David, her face is bright with anticipation.

    • Thanks again Mary. For some reason this was a particularly difficult one which I still have some problems with, but I learned a few things this week painting the demos.

  2. So accomplished

  3. She looks calm and collected and centred, yet there’s a bit of wistfulness in the faraway look in her eyes

    • Ta Kathryn, hope I can reproduce these states in a finished portrait.

      • ‘Finished portrait’ indeed. It amuses me to hear you say such things when I would love to be able to do anything as polished and lively as your ‘sketches’ and demo pieces and warmup versions and be proud to call them my masterpieces. 😀 I look forward to being even more cowed (but also impressed and delighted) by what you produce next! 😉

      • Doubt is within us all, I suppose, and self confidence doesn’t come easy. I know you have written eloquently on this subject. It’s nice to feed off the uplifting comments though, it lets the “I can do anything” guy, poke his head out for a while! Thanks Kathryn

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