The Waitress

kate waitress demo

I am demonstrating tomorrow night for Kilmarnock Art Club. I have been putting in a bit of practice tonight. This is Kate waiting to go to work at Royal Troon where she waitresses. She looks slightly bored and doesn’t seem too eager to leave for work! I took some photos of her before she went as I saw something worth recording in the moment. I hope to paint a large portrait of her in “character”. This was around two hours work.

~ by David Reid on September 30, 2013.

16 Responses to “The Waitress”

  1. Brilliant! You have an enviable ability to get down the essence of the character of your subject in a very short time and with direct and economical brushstrokes.

  2. Great work in only two hours… I really like the feeling she has in her look. As you said she looks a bit bored and tired but very dutiful too.

    • Thank you. I wonder how you think it compares to the next one?

      • I really prefer this one. The colours are more lightful and I prefer her look on this one.
        I have seen you made “the waitress II” with gregorian oils. What did you think of it ?
        Which oil did you use for this one ? Do you like venitian medium ?

      • That’s interesting. The latest one is more of a likeness but I understand the first may have more life and vigour about it! I have never used venetian medium. I use a linseed oil and turps mix, about 50/50. It’s quite thin but I love the slide and spread of the colours with it. Both are georgian colours and I tend to think the lower quality of them makes them a bit thin. Thanks for commenting.

      • Ok ! thanks for all this infos and tips. Thanks for posting your Art !

      • No Problem, You’re welcome.

  3. Hello David, Do you want us to hand in framed paintings for display? When would be the best time? Steve Weideger


    • Hi Steve, Yes, that would be good. You have a choice of times; tomorrow up till 12.45, Wednesday tween 12.00 and 12.45, Thursday tween 12 and 12.45,or Friday up till 12.45. The wednesday and thursday morning is my class in the HAC so you could pop in there too if that suits. Are you coming to the class on Friday anyway? David

  4. Love it! So this is from a photo? Bold brush work. I have to keep remind myself to leave these juicy mark alone.

    • Thank you. Yes, I work from photos all the time, virtually. It’s quite difficult to leave well alone when it comes to brushstrokes. Being time limited helps!

  5. How interesting is this!
    I love the picture seiously. Too bad for me that I didn’t continue the art courses. Best wishes!

  6. This is very beautiful!

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