Doig at the Scottish National Gallery

Doig posterI have seen Peter Doig paintings reproduced in the paper and magazines and generally, this is a decent way to keep in touch with the painting world. You get an idea of image and colour  and perhaps the artist’s intent. A bit of news that keeps you informed.

I took a trip to Edinburgh today to see the Doig exhibition and was completely surprised by the deep joy I experienced in front of the paintings. These are beautiful strange. Magic dancing colour and in such a scale. Very large canvases fill entire walls with Rothkoesque fields of trinidad greens and blues populated by ghostly figures. Some in sporty action, others staring or glaring out at us, threatening our calm observing. The staging is theatrical, there is something going on all the time in these stories.

He uses found photographs, family photographs, memories and brings elements of these together and constructs a setting to tell stories. I liked the humour beside the sinister .

Nothing much wrong with this show. It was staggeringly good!

~ by David Reid on September 22, 2013.

3 Responses to “Doig at the Scottish National Gallery”

  1. I saw a show of his paintings at the Arts Club of Chicago around 2000 or so; I haven’t seen much since but that show was wonderful. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Apparently I have some Doig research to do!

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